Professional Musician and Educator



“To the Music Committee,

We were so impressed with Joshi’s student program. We loved all the classes performances. There was such a variety presented. Joshi had such a well thought out musical progression/plan for the students. We felt very proud of our school as we watched the performance. Thank you for finding Joshi for us all.”
Parents of a 2nd Grade student at Chabot Elementary School

“Dear Joshi,
We attended the music show last week and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. We were very impressed with everything you have the students doing. Our son loves your class and now we see why! Thank you, thank you. We really liked to see what a great music program you are creating.”
Chabot Elementary School Parent

“I love music Class! The songs we sang were fun! My favorite song was wi-willy winky. You are the best music teacher ever!”
Washington Elementary School Student








“I have had so so so much fun in music class! My favorite song was “Who Has Seen the Wind” I liked to be the wind. Music class was awesome!”
Washington Elementary School Student